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  • Autor: J Keir Howard
  • Editor: Cascade Books
  • Relaese Date: 09 September 2013
  • ISBN: 1621898504
  • Format Book: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Number of page: 122 pages
  • File Size: 15MB
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Description The Healing Myth de J Keir Howard:

What is the role of the church in ministering to the sick? This book argues that it is not what is now called the healing ministry, with its frequent claims of remarkable cures from physical illness. Little critical attention seems to have been paid to the validity of these claims, which, if genuine, would be producing clearly observable effects on the levels of morbidity and mortality in society. Similarly, the important ethical and moral questions the movement raises have also been very largely ignored. A huge edifice of muddled theology, together with highly questionable practice, has been built upon very shaky foundations. It is the purpose of this book to examine seriously the dubious claims and teaching of the modern healing movement, as well to expose its very real dangers, in order to encourage Christian people, both ordained and lay, to exercise a more critical approach to the healing movement. The book concludes by outlining a framework for a return to a more biblical emphasis on proper pastoral care in the church's ministry to the sick. J Keir Howard is a retired consultant physician and Anglican priest with doctorates in both medicine and theology. He has been involved in academic teaching, as well as holding senior hospital and public medical posts, and remains active in the ministry of the Anglican Church. He is author of several books, including Medicine, Miracle and Myth in the New Testament (2010).


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I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

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I started reading this book and I'm on page 123 of the same.

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